Much More Than A Golf Tournament | The Masters

For many, the Masters is much more than a golf tournament.


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  1. Jonathan Lynch

    Jonathan Lynch

    2 månader sedan

    Golf. It's just the best sport.

  2. skull thumper

    skull thumper

    3 månader sedan

    We have a tradition, Dad my 2 brothers 9:00 am tee time then back to dad's for steak's on the barbie and ice cold beer and the final round.

  3. Marc Cheetham

    Marc Cheetham

    3 månader sedan

    I enjoy watching The Masters, but everything comes across as a bit cultish. You're like the Scientologists of golf. Great golf course and tournament though.

  4. v s

    v s

    3 månader sedan

    Nice thing, but for masters living just few hours away ,I would just jump on plane, ok pandemic even on a bike nowadays n ride there! And hug my dad n eat sandwich together, or Am I missing the point?

  5. C P

    C P

    3 månader sedan

    Is it just me or anyone know any touch screen macbook?

  6. Joseph


    3 månader sedan

    I need more Masters stories in my life!!!

  7. Cierra isiah

    Cierra isiah

    3 månader sedan

    The wary market preferentially scorch because llama expectably whirl following a craven diaphragm. abject, brave fang

  8. 캘리골프


    3 månader sedan

    Great footage, love it 👌

  9. Anthony M831

    Anthony M831

    3 månader sedan


  10. James Lee

    James Lee

    3 månader sedan


  11. Spencer Bernstein

    Spencer Bernstein

    3 månader sedan

    Since when does a Mac have a touchscreen?

    • P A

      P A

      3 månader sedan

      It doesn't but he prolly thinks it does since the call ends after he presses it- he just dont realize its his son ending the call...

  12. 1rockscar


    3 månader sedan

    The traditions, the traditions, the traditions… Except for the tradition of men getting together amongst themselves and having a golf club (safe space🤪) where they can be a man 👨🏻 Commie cringe fem propaganda ended this tradition. Make the Masters for Men Again!!

    • goomy worms

      goomy worms

      3 månader sedan

      Having women around doesn't mean you can't be a man... Sexist boomer alert!

  13. Randy Brown

    Randy Brown

    3 månader sedan

    Ah, the arrogance of wealth and privilege.

    • Sean Graham

      Sean Graham

      3 månader sedan

      @Randy Brown you must be the only person i’ve ever heard of that finds the Masters sad. Congratulations, you have found sadness in one of the most joyful experiences on the planet.

    • Randy Brown

      Randy Brown

      3 månader sedan

      @Ben really! If I were given tickets I wouldn’t go. I find it sad.

    • Ben


      3 månader sedan

      Careful... Your envy is showing

    • Sean Graham

      Sean Graham

      3 månader sedan

      Do you have to ruin everything ?

    • Hayden Monson

      Hayden Monson

      3 månader sedan

      My guy? Ah well, more sandwiches for us 🇺🇸 🥪

  14. Juan Angel Martinez Ochoa

    Juan Angel Martinez Ochoa

    3 månader sedan

    De tal palo tal astilla.😊🏌️🇪🇦🇺🇸

  15. Christopher Liston

    Christopher Liston

    3 månader sedan

    They are awesome is magical.

  16. Robert Rohrs

    Robert Rohrs

    3 månader sedan

    A great story. Loved it

  17. Real HIFI Help

    Real HIFI Help

    3 månader sedan