History Made For Japan | The Masters

History made for Matsuyama. History made for Japan.


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  1. You


    3 månader sedan


  2. NorthLyfeHollywood


    3 månader sedan

    I remember back 10 years ago when he was just an amateur, and had won the Masters Amateur. He always had it in him. Congrats to Hideki!

  3. Frank Hampster

    Frank Hampster

    3 månader sedan

    As Bob Jones once said, fate has already determined the winner of a golf tournament before the first ball is even struck. It is fitting that Japan, with what it has gone through in recent times, has finally produced a Major tournament winner in their Olympic year, and for that Major to be the Masters, well that's such a fantastic result for not only Matsuyama, but for golf and international sport in general. Thank you Augusta National GC.

  4. Nikolai Ninja

    Nikolai Ninja

    3 månader sedan

    Congrats to Japan!!! Hideki winning the Masters and Tsubasa Kajitani winning the Augusta National Women's Amateur.

  5. Wizmo


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  6. junbuzz13


    3 månader sedan

    Thanks for the great videos!

  7. J Brew

    J Brew

    3 månader sedan

    Masters Channel- Please put out the 5 longest drives and putts from the entire tournament!!

  8. Mpho Mmopi

    Mpho Mmopi

    3 månader sedan

    It’s was choke feast.

    • 3Ring Binder

      3Ring Binder

      3 månader sedan

      crazy nerves just watching. he won the tournament on the back nine of the third round. he had a cushion and he used it. smart. would have been fun if xander didn't hit it in the water on 16. Hideki would have been forced to play differently. in the end, he didn't have to.

  9. Charles River Survival

    Charles River Survival

    3 månader sedan

    Great job by matsuyama. Congrats!

  10. ZAk


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