A Masters Caddie In His Own Words | The Masters

"He's the artist, I just carry the brushes."
A Masters caddie in his own words.


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  1. Joseph


    3 månader sedan


  2. Gary Johnson

    Gary Johnson

    3 månader sedan

    Everyone is different. Everyone has flaws. One thing is certain, Bubba is an artist but in a way so is Ted.

  3. KC Crow

    KC Crow

    3 månader sedan

    Bubba's emotion after that first win was something special.

  4. sapper made

    sapper made

    3 månader sedan

    I give you credit dealing w that weirdo.... The weirdest humanoid to walk a fairway. Rude, strange....just a few of the nice things you can about this person. Bubba El Strangeo Watson

    • Brad Burton

      Brad Burton

      3 månader sedan

      Gross unconscionable recalitrance!

    • Immerman Arnold

      Immerman Arnold

      3 månader sedan

      As i said before if you don't have something kind to say why not consider keeping your mouth shut

    • Graham Wilkerson

      Graham Wilkerson

      3 månader sedan

      Wow you don’t know bubba

  5. Xoque551


    3 månader sedan

    They didn't mention his name: Ted Scott is Bubba Watson's superb caddie!

  6. golf007sd2


    3 månader sedan


  7. ThaPopeofDope 420

    ThaPopeofDope 420

    3 månader sedan

    Ted Scott is a great guy

  8. Jezballz


    3 månader sedan

    Who was on the course swearing all over the place yesterday?...lol.

  9. 캘리골프


    3 månader sedan

    Awesome scenes, classic Bubba Watson 👌 ❤

  10. Mickey D305

    Mickey D305

    3 månader sedan

    Would be cool to hear about the caddies who were able to hold a bag but not able to play the same course. All the rounds they turned away just bc the color of someone's skin