The Masters

The Masters

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  1. David Martin

    David Martin

    4 timmar sedan

    @1:00:56 After a great approach shot to the green, his caddie says something to Jack, and Jack smiles and puts his hand on top of the caddie's head. My mom recounts the story of when I was a kid in the 1980s at Colonial in Ft Worth, Jack was walking through the gallery near us, and he did the same thing to me - reached down and kind of ruffled my hair. It's a very gentle and personal expression. Yes, Jack Nickaus is and always has been a class act.

  2. Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205

    Rynik05 - GC Pirates1205

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  3. Hosoi Archives

    Hosoi Archives

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    12:23 20:53 28:41 31:46

  4. Chas Stone

    Chas Stone

    8 timmar sedan

    Players swing at 79 is sweet as wine, hope to have mine as fine if I ever reach that time, ole 79. Coach. Jordan was awesome that day.

  5. Born upon a wave

    Born upon a wave

    8 timmar sedan

    17:46 😂 🖐🏼💨😐

  6. Juiicy Juicee

    Juiicy Juicee

    11 timmar sedan

    4:11:29 and 4:18:38 lololol



    12 timmar sedan

    Look at the swing and follow through and hear the crispness of contact of the shot at 3:25:52 by Nakajima. Nirvana.



    12 timmar sedan

    What a finish by Faldo.

  9. What a Beautiful Duwang

    What a Beautiful Duwang

    13 timmar sedan

    I watch this to sleep

  10. Lance Smith

    Lance Smith

    17 timmar sedan

    The greatest Masters victory ever. Not just for Jack, but for anyone and everyone watching.

  11. Josh P

    Josh P

    19 timmar sedan

    Is it not illegal to tap down spike marks pre-putt?

  12. Anne & Filippo Bertozzi

    Anne & Filippo Bertozzi

    20 timmar sedan

    I remember this: I stopped watching it when Spieth got to the 10th, because I had to leave the hotel and go to the airport, pretty sure the game was over. When I got there, checked in, I almost lost the flight because I couldn’t stop watching it at the bar… Unbelievable.

  13. Mr. Yoshi

    Mr. Yoshi

    22 timmar sedan

    1:22:23 was Tiger's 3 wood bombed past Phil's driver.

  14. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller

    Dag sedan

    2:49:20 Looks like Phil has pink eye

  15. DeGrasse Julie

    DeGrasse Julie

    Dag sedan

    you've run into Hole in One but everybody's so Quiet

  16. shawn burnham

    shawn burnham

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  17. T Shaw

    T Shaw

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  18. Addicted to the Wild

    Addicted to the Wild

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    “The Tiger roars again” would have been 100% better than, “The return to glory” for the final putt.

  19. Josh P

    Josh P

    Dag sedan

    Dan Jenkins voted in the 2020 election

  20. lawrence mcbride

    lawrence mcbride

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  21. heavyq


    Dag sedan

    Watching this in 2021 I really, really hope to see him at least play in the Master again. Even if he never wins it again, just to see him get healthy enough to play again would be awesome. Imagine the crowd when/if that happens.

  22. Shadow23


    2 dagar sedan

    I will never forget growing up to that tiger roar

  23. sirreal6


    2 dagar sedan

    I keep coming back to this video...

  24. SeeEssPerez


    2 dagar sedan

    So incredible!

  25. Guy Dixon

    Guy Dixon

    2 dagar sedan

    Great bunker shot by Faldo under pressure at the first extra play off hole.

  26. Peter Goddard

    Peter Goddard

    2 dagar sedan

    What an amazing last five holes by Garcia and Rose.

  27. Mike Dotter

    Mike Dotter

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    :0 :0 :0

  28. Mickel Simf

    Mickel Simf

    2 dagar sedan

    A day is enough to make us a little larger -

  29. Mickel Simf

    Mickel Simf

    2 dagar sedan

    On Her Majesties Secret Service - 004

  30. Peter Goddard

    Peter Goddard

    3 dagar sedan

    3:06:56 That little lad will never forget Matt Kuchar's hole in one.

  31. dave the plug palumbo

    dave the plug palumbo

    3 dagar sedan

    How that dimarco chip in didn't go in.

  32. thefisherman007


    3 dagar sedan

    He won’t be doing this anymore

  33. Perla Lamie

    Perla Lamie

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  34. Moneys Huddle

    Moneys Huddle

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    This is great!

  35. Scott


    3 dagar sedan

    Praying Tiger is okay and recovering after that horrible crash. Hoping that it was staged some how to get Tiger safe with all the crazy happening around the world.

  36. James Cummings

    James Cummings

    3 dagar sedan

    tiger the most exciting golfer in PGA history....he and Nicklaus are side by side !

  37. sammy vasquez

    sammy vasquez

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  38. Jackson Burke

    Jackson Burke

    3 dagar sedan

    Ok this might be asking a lot, but I’m here before tiger wins another major

  39. Michael Muldowney

    Michael Muldowney

    3 dagar sedan

    Officials were ready to call play for the day had Faldo not sunk that long putt - the darkness is not obvious on the tv screen.

  40. Low IQ Leftist

    Low IQ Leftist

    3 dagar sedan

    His golf swing has really helped my game. I will take an even more extended pause at the range when I am practicing. My contact has gotten sooo much better

  41. Tesla Expedio Germany

    Tesla Expedio Germany

    3 dagar sedan

    Probably the greatest comeback in sports history. Massive surgeries to his back and he comes back and wins Augusta.

  42. Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz

    Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz

    3 dagar sedan

    I’m here just to get some sleep

  43. Carkent


    4 dagar sedan

    Tiger looks like a giant in that thumbnail lol

  44. Shadab Ahmed

    Shadab Ahmed

    4 dagar sedan

    golfers are bald. And i thought they wear caps for another reason. Btw i watched complete video.

  45. gally man

    gally man

    4 dagar sedan

    Poor Greg. The biggest bottler in golf

  46. Michael Muldowney

    Michael Muldowney

    4 dagar sedan

    Did someone spill coffee on the control panel in the television directors truck ? Constant cutting away from shots - commentary not matching images.

  47. shawn burnham

    shawn burnham

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  48. Peter Goddard

    Peter Goddard

    4 dagar sedan

    Tee to green, well that's how I played golf. These guys play tee to flag or looking at contours of the green.

  49. Michael Muldowney

    Michael Muldowney

    4 dagar sedan

    The previous Major - Norman was pipped by Bob Tway who holed out from a bunker on the final hole. He must have been sure the golfing Gods were against him

  50. david press

    david press

    5 dagar sedan

    I am so happy he got to win this tournament again after everything he went through. What a Machine of a human being!

  51. Invisible College

    Invisible College

    5 dagar sedan

    Tiger looks like he's enjoying his golf - not

  52. optimisticcosmic


    5 dagar sedan

    First major as a professional, shoots 40 on the opening nine and then wins the Masters by 12 shots with all that pressure on him. Unbelievable.

  53. dave the plug palumbo

    dave the plug palumbo

    5 dagar sedan

    Turn it up! Turn it uuuup!

  54. Reece Elkins

    Reece Elkins

    5 dagar sedan

    12:19 sounds like me on the first tee every time.

  55. Jeff Lardizabal

    Jeff Lardizabal

    6 dagar sedan

    A horrible day at golf is better than a great day wearing a face diaper!

  56. Bea Tiger

    Bea Tiger

    6 dagar sedan

    Today is Saturday 24 July 2021 still turning on device to this telecast...maybe his swan song

  57. 青眼の白龍


    6 dagar sedan

    Spieth is the legend.

  58. jc dova

    jc dova

    6 dagar sedan

    Bubba had the eye of the tiger. So focused and there was no way he wasn’t winning it.

  59. Jack Again

    Jack Again

    6 dagar sedan

    The day and when Fowler came out of nowhere to win the Players were my 2 favorite golf Sundays.

  60. TheBombBray


    6 dagar sedan

    The way Phil was playing he should have had it, sad he missed that eagle putt and had to drop the second last par 3.

  61. TheNumberQuelve


    7 dagar sedan

    1:58:33 "It is that time of the day. That soft light of the Georgia afternoon, when you get the feeling that the pine trees and magnolias are standing on their toes to get a better look, and well they might." Vin Scully for the win.

  62. brianmcg321


    7 dagar sedan

    Palmer's caddy should have laid the flag behind the hole.

  63. Nick D

    Nick D

    7 dagar sedan

    17:11 skinny Bryson

  64. Big Bosh

    Big Bosh

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  65. Jim Kuhn

    Jim Kuhn

    7 dagar sedan

    THE BEST PLAYER "EVER" and a "CLASS ACT" '....

  66. Mikal04


    7 dagar sedan

    no ceremonial shot?

  67. azapro911


    8 dagar sedan

    'The One in November'

  68. DanimalLawlz


    8 dagar sedan

    Damn...I'm a Tiger fan but my heart still breaks for DiMarco...what an effort from both that's amazing golf.

  69. casey jones

    casey jones

    8 dagar sedan

    Jack greatest golfer ever, but loser Trump fan.

  70. TheNumberQuelve


    8 dagar sedan

    1:29:05 Now THAT is what I call a divot.

  71. Lane Shaeffer

    Lane Shaeffer

    8 dagar sedan

    3:38:19. Quite possibly the worst interview of all time

  72. Beth Hayes

    Beth Hayes

    8 dagar sedan

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  73. Wade Stilwell

    Wade Stilwell

    9 dagar sedan

    I feel Tiger was in perfect shape for golf when he was younger and I wish he hadn’t bulked up so much because his body might not have fallen apart so drastically. I fell in love with the game because of him

  74. Jaun Egelhoff

    Jaun Egelhoff

    9 dagar sedan

    I juat feel sorry for the caddies in The Masters, they look like inmates with those overalls.

  75. Timothy Philipps

    Timothy Philipps

    9 dagar sedan

    Lee Trevino said it best, " I went back 20 years " watch the interview!

  76. سیّدمحمّد زعفرانچی

    سیّدمحمّد زعفرانچی

    9 dagar sedan


  77. Jodee B.

    Jodee B.

    9 dagar sedan

    Hi everyone. I am a wife, Tiger 🐯 fan, golf fan, golfer, mom and wife of a golfer. And I do get it 🙂🙂. Watched golf ⛳ videos when He's playing many many times. They never get old, never boring and always exciting. Happy golfing everyone!

    • sirreal6


      2 dagar sedan

      and you're probably hot AF. Dang I need me a golfin babe

  78. BiPolarPunt


    9 dagar sedan

    Vern has to jump in when he knows Tiger shooting, to have is voice archived.

  79. Sheeve Daily

    Sheeve Daily

    9 dagar sedan

    Bubba is lucky Spieth was young

  80. Beth Hayes

    Beth Hayes

    9 dagar sedan

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